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Welcome to ArmAs Estate

Aragatsotn Province, Armenia

ArmAs is revitalizing Armenia’s winemaking legacy by creating elegant wines that stem from one of our country’s best natural resources, the idyllic terroir of the vine.
It is no coincidence that Armenia, known as the birthplace of the vine, is also the site
of the oldest known winemaking ruins, dating back to 6,100 years.

Winemaker Emilio Del Medico has paid homage to this heritage by creating award
winning, elegant and distinct wines from estate grown native varieties.

ArmAs Estate is a picturesque display of agricultural achievement, set against the backdrop of the inspiring Mount Ararat. The 180 hectares of previously desolate and disconnected rock-strewn countryside was diligently transformed into a stunning panorama including vineyards, orchards, and a world-class winery. The endeavor proudly involved and united hundreds of people from various villages, countries, and backgrounds who continue to teach and learn from one another. The continued realization of the ArmAs Estate is illustrative of progress through guidance and cooperation, and represents the assimilation of tradition with development. Indeed, the ensuing ArmAs wines convey these improvements, and speak especially of the abundant sunshine, volcanic soil, undulating terrain and magnanimous earth of a resilient culture.
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Armenia Aine


Armenia is an old country located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia outstanding with its rich history and culture. The world’s oldest wine cellar dating back 6200 years was found by archaeologists in south of Armenia, inside the Areni Cave (Vayots Dzor Region). The research group dated the cave to 4200 BC, providing evidence that wine was central from the beginning of Armenia’s evolution. This winemaking site is, unsurprisingly, the earliest proof of winemaking ever found. The vintners used their feet to press the wine in the clay basin, the juice of which would then drain into the vat, where it would remain to ferment until being stored in jars.

Today Armenian wines are undergoing a revival period. We are inviting you to discover with us one of the oldest wine civilizations in the world.


At our winery we balance traditions with modern technologies in constant pursuit of improvement.

“Armenia Wine” is a family owned company, created by the passion towards the homeland, its culture and nature. Started with vineyards plantation in 2006, the winery was created in 2008. Nowadays, the company is the icon of modern winemaking of Armenia with its award winning wines and a “state of the art” winery.

AWC is also the local market leader for quality wine segment as well as the leader in Armenian wine exports.

Being enhanced with state of art equipment we have the complete set of resources to ensure quality winemaking throughout the entire production process of still and sparkling wines: grapes selection lines – pneumatic pressing in inert gas atmosphere – temperature controlled tanks for fermentation – wine storage and ageing cellars – automated bottling lines.


Geographical and climate conditions in Armenia are exceptional for vine growing. The complex interaction of natural conditions within the small territory of the country induced and affected the formation of quite a peculiar range of soil types, from the volcanic and semi-desert zone to the mountain meadow soils of alpine type. The climate is dry and continental due to mountains in most of regions. Armenian grape varieties were formed during thousands years of folk selection and later their spectrum was enriched by hybridization.

There the vines grow at altitudes between 850 and 1500 m a.s.l. and on their own roots, which results in surprising authenticity of our wines. Volcanic soils, harsh climate and high altitude create an interesting union of the terroir’s elements.


From the beginning the goal was to create wines which open the window to main wine regions of Armenia, still undiscovered.

Today the portfolio of the company is represented by wines allowing to discover Armenia with its indigenous grapes and terroir diversity.

We are maintaining this diversity by working in three main winemaking regions – Armavir, Aragatsotn and Vayots Dzor. Our vineyards are located in Armavir region, which provide us with main white Kangun vareity used in still white and sparkling wines, as well as with French grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc used as blends with Armenian grapes.

In Vayots Dzor region, which is known for the world oldest winery (6200 y.o.), are located the highest altitude vineyards of Armenia (up to 1500 m a.s.l.). This region provide us with the iconic Areni grape, used in our red wines.

Our assortment includes classical red, white, rose, sparkling as well as dessert wines like Muscat and wines made from Pomegranate.



Even though Armenia has been producing wines for more than 6000 years, it took Armenia Wine Company to raise Armenian wine level at international quality level. Armenia is a gifted country with 1000m average altitude that produces natural high sugar concentration, aromatic and colorful grapes. Thanks to our French consultant, our “on-site” French winemaker expertise and the state of the art European technology, Armenia Wine is the first company to accomplish the perfect alchemy from Armenian high quality grapes to international standard wines.
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Maran Winery

Maran Winery is one of the best-known contemporary winemaking projects in Armenia, owing to over 15 years of experience, an interesting terroir with a high-altitude vineyard, and a particular wine style. Maran Winery is gradually renewing its winemaking concept, and some of the results of this renovation cannot help gladdening the hearts of wine connoisseurs.

The company’s vineyard is located on the Aghavnadzor plateau at elevations ranging from 1,250 to 1,375 m above sea level. Presently, the project owns about 19 hectares of 13- to 17-year-old vines, with a vine density of 2,600 plants per hectare. The high quality of their grapes is ensured by the practice of a ‘green harvest’ and restriction of the yield to a maximum of 7.5 tons per hectare – and even as low as 2 to 2.5 tons for some plots. All vines are indigenous varieties on their own roots. The most widely grown variety is Areni; less than three hectares are occupied by such rare black varieties as Avagi and Tozot (‘dusty’ in English, named so because of a thick wax bloom covering the berries and looking like dust). The only white grape cultivated is the indigenous Khatun Kharji. During the harvest, the grapes are gathered into wooden boxes of 12 to 15 kg. The vintage usually begins in mid-October.

The winery of the project is in Yerevan, housed in the building of an old winery built in the 1940s. Grapes are processed using state-of-the-art Italian-made temperature-controlled equipment. The winery can boast of its stone-vaulted underground cellars, about 10 m deep, built by German war prisoners. The use of native grape varieties, in combination with aging in Karabakh (Caucasian) oak barrels, ensures a particular recognizable style of the company’s wines. For some whites, the winery buys grapes of European varieties from the Ararat valley. There are plans to build a new winery next to the vineyard, on the picturesque bank of the Arpa River.

Maran Winery is a family project of Avag Harutyunyan, Chairman of the Union of Armenian Winemakers and the author of several books on viticulture. Recently, Avag’s son Frunz Harutyunyan, a Geisenheim graduate and lecturer at the Yerevan Wine Academy, has become actively involved in the development of the project.

The best way to get introduced to Maran Winery is to get in touch with its founder, as Avag Harutyunyan can tell a lot about his project. The origins of Maran date back to 1828–1830, when Sargis, son of Prince Eynat, and his wife Maran repatriated from Persia to the Armenian province of Vayots Dzor. Avag is also knowledgeable about the history of the discovery of the ancient winery in the Areni-1 cave, and he has his own particular philosophical view of the development and the mission of Armenian winemaking.
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Voskevaz Winery

Voskevaz Winery creates unique high-quality wines, which combine winemaking traditions and innovations. Voskevaz winery is located in Aragatsotn region of Armenia in the village of the same name Voskevaz, which in Armenian means “golden bunch”.The foothills area of the highest mountain in Armenia-Aragats, is amazingly beautiful and diverse, and its land keeps cultural layers of Armenian civilization previous periods. Just a couple of kilometers from the winery, on the edge of the picturesque gorge of river Kasakh, are located the V-VII century church and remains of karases (Armenian clay amphorae), that were dug into the ground, in which wine was aged.
The winery was established in 1932. Since then much has changed, however, the most important has remained – unique karases that are the production of the end of XIX century. This traditional tool for wine fermentation and aging was used on the territory of Armenia from ancient times, the earliest evidence of which are the remains of one of the oldest wineries in the world (about 6000 year-old), found in the caves of Areni, as well as partially preserved karas wine cellar in the ruins of the Urartian fortress Teishebaini (about 2500 year-old).

The renaissance of the winery began in 2004, after the founding of “Voskevaz Wine Cellar” LLC. The winery is equipped with the latest Italian facilities to produce high quality wine. Today Vozkevaz produces wine using both traditional old karases and modern wine-making technology. However, all of them, without exception, reflect the true nature of Armenia. The wines are produced only from local grape varieties and for wine aging are used rare high-quality Karabakh oak barrels. In the production of sweet wines in Armenia “Voskevaz Winery” has pioneered the use of wine withering technology.
You will easily find the right wine for you in the large assortment range of “Voskevaz Winery” production: young or aged red and white assemblages, exquisite dessert wines and limited series of unique monovarietal wines for true connoisseurs.
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Zorah Wines

As Zorik began to spend time in his native territory, exploring its treasures, travelling among its people and uncovering the country’s secrets and traditions, he came to realise that Armenia had a deep rooted wine culture which seemed to have all but disappeared after years of Soviet rule.
A marvellous idea began to take shape and never one to follow tradition, Zorik changed his mind about buying a vineyard in Tuscany in favour of returning to his ancestral roots in Armenia. He decided to restore traditional vinicultural values and create truly profound wines which would speak of this magical place. It took a dream, time, motivation and determination to make it all come together and after almost ten years of intense work the winery produced its first ever vintage.
With boundless enthusiasm and unshakable faith Zorik continues to step beyond the dream and take the adventure further. His powerful vision, of creating unique wines with a deep rooted sense of place, has become an integral part of the wineries philosophy and with each new chapter of its story Zorah wishes to expose Armenia’s potential in creating wines which rival the best in the world.

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