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Ritz Jewelers

Ritz Jewelers, A Family Owned Company. Specializing in Fine Jewelry Since 1985. Happily Serving Customers for Over 30 Years. Dedicated to Achieving High Quality for an Honest Price. Services Include: Diamonds, Watches, Platinum, Gold, Color Stones, and Repairs of All Types. Well Versed in Custom Creations. G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) Certified Personnel. Come See Us or Contact for Inquires.
625 S. Hill St, Ste 101. Los Angeles, CA 90014
RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com or (213) 624.7664

YevArts Wearable Art Jewelry

I am an Armenian designer born and raised in beautiful city of Yerevan, Armenia. I was 18 when she moved to the United States. Started her career as a graphic designer, working at an architectural firm in Old Town Pasadena for nine years. One day I decided to fix my broken jewelry pieces and ended up making completely different and unique pieces out of them. I called my friends to come check them out, and next thing I knows my friends brought their broken pieces to be “fixed”. My next step was salvaging useless architectural elements and interior design product samples and making colorful pendants out of them. This became a large 200 piece pendant line. My passion for jewelry making became unstoppable, in the result of which I quit my stable job at the architectural firm and became a full-time jewelry designer since 2000.

Yevarts unique designs have many influences fusing industrial and ethnic, bold and dainty, simple and complex shapes in a brave modern statement. It is an exquisite range, perfect for the woman whose demeanor commands attention… a woman with unique individual sense of fashion and adventurous taste!

YevArts currently works in a few versatile lines, ranging from demure and conservative to bold and chaotic, each representing and dictating a quite distinctive style.

(818) 636-0545

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