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Kaloust Guedel

Kaloust Guedel (born October 31, 1956) is a Cyprus-born American artist of Armenian descent. He is a self-educated artist and theorist. Guedel is known as the founder of the Excessivism movement. He lives and works in Los Angeles, California since 1975.

Kaloust Guedel’s work explores contemporary issues often taking a critical stand on various societies shortcomings. Throughout the years, it has explored subjects as genocide, war, abuse and others. Regardless of the styles and technics he has employed, his work has been consistent with contemporary sensibility and has reflected the consciousness of its time. Guedel is the first artist who used vinyl as a medium in paintings. He has been featured in publications like Masters of Today and has been known to explore capitalism and excess in his minimalist conceptual artworks.
Kaloust Guedel presented the Excessivism movement in an exhibition “Excessivist Initiative” in LA Artcore Brewery Annex, and the Excessivism Manifesto was published in Downtown Newsweekly in September 2015.

Excessive use of resources in magnified state, by which one expresses: by means of two, or three dimensional visual-creations, written, or pronounce words, or in any other manner. Society in a state of ever-increasing excess and waste of resources is reflected in the arts, particularly of visual artists.

As a reflection, examination, or investigation of every aspect of life in excessive state with particular consideration to the areas that have real and consequential effect on the members of the society. Subject areas are, but not limited to economics, politics and psychology. With regard to every aspect of society and in every industry and sector, the planned obsolescence of resources for private profit disproportionately impacts humanity at large.
In politics the leaders become misleaders only to serve the interests of their contributors, whose interests are more often than not, opposed to the interests of their electors.

The goal of the capitalist system is to deliver profit for private investors, or corporations, seemingly, without consideration to human and environmental consequence and yet, also whose aims effect incomparable contribution to economic growth, employment and prosperity.

Existing mechanisms in the financial structure imposes constant expansion of limits to realize continual growth of profit. In the consumerist based relations, this factor is inserted into the fabric of daily existence of society. According to determinism, freedom of choice is illusory and society is positioned to function as a reliable producer of excess, which serves as the lubricant of the capitalist engine.

— Kaloust Guedel
Los Angeles

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