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Harry Vorperian

Harry Vorperian is a painter and graphic designer, who for years has owned and managed an art gallery, design studios and has taught art to young and old students and enthusiasts alike. He recently founded the Shushi Art Project, which in October 2012 held its first event, a contemporary art festival, in Shushi, Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh Republic). This unique project brought together 20 artists with diverse backgrounds from the US, Europe, Armenia and Artsakh.
Yeva Babayan

​​​​​​​Whether designing logos and packaging or painting intricate and dreamy pieces of art, Los Angeles based artist Yeva Babayan is truly incomparable. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design, Yeva has worked with numerous prestigious design firms in the Los Angeles area. Her body of work utilizes different modalities and exemplifies her versatility and impeccable taste. Yeva is a true artist who believes in all realms of possibility. Her passion to create beautiful and functional things propels her to continue learning and growing whether in graphic design or painting. Yeva believes that the mind creates flawlessly when the work is done by hand. For this reason, regardless of digital or painted creations, all her work begins with a pen and paper. She pours herself into everything she produces and all with poise and professionalism.

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