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Anahid Boghosian

Born in Burbank California and of Armenian decent, Anahid was raised in the vast and diverse landscape of Los Angeles and in a home where art was always a constant. Her youth was spent being surrounded by music and art from all over the world. It was the melding of many cultures that helped shape her unique perspective and aesthetic.

After receiving a degree from Fashion Institute of design and Merchandising in 1988, Anahid successfully worked in the fashion and interior design industries until 1994. She then decided to exclusively turn her attention to her first passion–painting.

She began showing in various group exhibits in 1999 and was given her first solo exhibit in 2004. Anahid has received an award and an honorable mention by the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery and has been regularly exhibiting in galleries nationally and internationally for over 20 years. Currently, she is a member of the “ TEN WOMEN GALLERY” in Santa Monica, Calif. and a member of the SHE LOVES COLLECTIVE which exhibited her first installation project in February of 2017


I am always trying to create a dialogue between my pieces and their viewer. Recycled and repurposed objects bring nostalgia to a piece and there starts the conversation between the two. My creations are intended to stir emotions, thus I create with layers. Each new layer showing a bit of the one underneath. like any good story bits and pieces are wiped away, covered up, and retold to become a new reality. By doing so in my paintings, unexpected colors,forms and textures are revealed.

My influences run the gamut of fine art masters such as Picasso, Twombly, and Modigliani to more contemporary and pop artists such as Haring, Basquiat, and Banksy. My Armenian Heritage, my family business involved with architectural fabrication and being raised in the diversity of Los Angeles all play a part of the the compositions of my creations.

Anna Kostanian


Anna Kostanian was born in Yerevan, Armenia and moved to Los Angeles, California when she was only 5. Her most vivid memory of her childhood in Armenia was a moment when her neighbor recognized her childish scrabbling as a beautiful drawing and proclaimed her to be an artist. She has carried this memory with her over the years and it is perhaps one of the reasons why she is an artist today.
Anna’s natural artistic capabilities were enhanced and sharpened through private mentoring and her conceptual ideas were honored at Otis College of Art and Design. While Anna has graduated from Otis In 2007 she still receives mentoring as she feels you can always better your skills. Her exploration of identity is what fuels her work with intense meaning and symbolism.
Anna’s upbringing in a multicultural society greatly influenced her perception of a woman’s role in society. As a result, Anna focuses most on the implications of being a woman in such a society. Her work on Dura-Lar is highly symbolic. The transparent, plastic provides a surface on which she can apply and remove paint. Each layer of paint stains the surface and contributes to the final image, the way layers of experience form an identity. Experiences are essential to a person’s identity, but some experiences are off limits to individuals. Exploration of sexuality was forbidden in the culture Anna grew up in, and so she uses painting as a vicarious means of experience. This experience is not her own, but belongs to viewers of her work as well.
As an Armenian-American woman, Anna’s identity has been shaped by two cultures that are extremely different. Her viewers come from the same multicultural society, so Anna seeks out similarities between them and uses the common ground to provoke thought. Death, the passing of time and the human skeleton are featured most often. Death and time provoke thoughts and feelings in all viewers because they are perhaps the only two phenomena that all humans experience. Anna’s primary goal as an artist is to provoke thought, and she finds that this is done best by pointing viewers toward universal experience.
Anna’s work has been exhibited in galleries such as 2nd Street Cigars and Gallery, Bolsky Gallery and has appeared in juried shows at Otis College of Art and Design; she has also worked as a commissioned artist to complete works in both conceptual and portraiture. Her tribute to the Armenian Genocide was voted as “Best Representation of Being or Telling the Story of Survival” in a juried competition called “Survivor”.
Ara Ghevondyan

ARA” – Ara Ghevondyan

ART SA present ARA GHEVONDYAN – ART SA Artist of the Year 2017
ARA – artist for about 45 years. Already created about 1000 paintings, many in private collections all around the World.
His original style was formed after 1988.
He loves and admire world best impressionist, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh.
His vision is the art of the future, energy art… Right energy is most important for Ara. People often tell his ART has similar energy like Van Gogh masterpieces.
Aram Eduard Isabekyan

ՀՀ արվեստի վաստակավոր գործիչ, պրոֆեսոր, Երևանի գեղարվեստի պետական ակադեմիայի ռեկտոր Արամ Էդուարդի Իսաբեկյան

Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Armenia, Professor, Rector of the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts
+374 091 40 71 59
Aram Vartanov
Aram Yengibaryan
Areg Elibekian
Arpine Shakhbandaryan

Arpiné Shakhbandaryan was born in Abovyan, Armenia. She and her family emigrated to the US in 1991 and currently reside in Glendale, California.

Arpiné attended the Atanian Art Center: School of Fine Art & Design. There, she studied under the guidance of world renowned artist and professor Vladimir Atanian.

Arpiné graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Biology and a minor degree in Fine Arts. Immediately afterwards she held her first solo exhibition at St. Peters Armenian Church and Youth Ministries with the generous support and guidance of Father Vazken Movsesian.

Since then Arpiné has maintained an active career in the arts with her most recent exhibition being held at the Brand Library Galleries in Glendale.
Arpy Dabbaghian

I am a professional decorative painter specializing in trompe l’oeil and fine art murals. My educational background is in interior design. I have studied and received my specialized training in decorative arts from Paris.
I began my career in 1995 in Lebanon then moved to Paris, and ultimately to Los Angeles. My artistic creations can be seen in elegant homes, hotels, and businesses throughout Paris, Lebanon, Jordan and California. In Paris, I worked on Hotel George V Paris, Hotel Elise Matingnon, Le Chateux d’Etoges, and many other establishments.
In 2002, I established my own business, L’Artist, in Los Angeles. My work is particularly enjoyed in homes and businesses throughout Southern California. Clienteles vary from interior designers, architects, design firms, contractors, home and business owners. My artistic services include: murals, faux finishes, decorative plasters, frescoes, and furniture hand paintings. Some of my work has been published in This Old House magazine, and was featured in The Pasadena Showcase House of Design for several years.
Most of my Mediterranean and European influences in art come from my past experiences in Lebanon and Paris, which will always leave a lasting impression on my work, and is sure to satisfy a broad range of clientele with differing tastes and styles.
Dro Arzo
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