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1360 E. Colorado St.
Glendale CA 91205

7 Days a week open from 9:00AM  till 8:00PM

Artos Pizza is a unique name in Glendale that offers the best pizzas in the city. Founded by Arthur Dedeyan and Naira Akmakchyan, our main aim was to come up with a pizza recipe that customers love and remember for a long time. The main names in Artos Pizza are Arthur and Naira. Arthur has 20 years of experience in the restaurant and food industry in the United State and in Canada. On the other hand, Naira has a bachelors degree in nutritional science. Both of them combine to make a strong team to deliver some of the most uniquely crafted pizzas in Glendale. Both Arthur and Naira have a strong passion for food, hygiene and health and that is the reason why we are very careful about sorting our pizzas.
Our recipes are very unique and we like to bring to customers something that they have never tested before. Our ingredients are safe and we prioritize our customers health more than anything else. We offer a range of different pizzas so selection will not be a problem at Artos.
All and all, Artos Pizza is a budding name and will not fail to impress pizza loving enthusiasts. Our products are always customized keeping our customers’ needs in mind. We offer some of the best pizzas made out of unique recipes because we want to keep our standing and make our presence known.
Byblos Mediterranean Bakery

Byblos Mediterranean Bakery

2948 Foothill Blvd,
La Crescenta, CA 91214

Tues – Sat 9a – 8p
Sun 9a – 4p


Family owned and operated, Byblos Mediterranean Bakery aims to be La Crescenta’s top restaurant. Ambitious and full of passion, Avo crafts each dish with exquisite taste that brings the Middle East to Central Los Angeles. Stop by, say hello, and enjoy a meal that will surely please your palette.
Cravate Soiree

full service Catering and event management .


Frozen food manufacturing
Handmade pilmeni, khinkali and more USDA inspected

818 8621515
Nory Candy

Established in 1964, Nory Candy has been producing locum (lokum) in the greater Los Angeles area using a recipe well over a century old. Distributed to Armenian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean grocery stores as well as restaurants across the United States of America. The sweet treats are made using the highest caliber of ingredients made in USA.
Sasoun Bakery


David Yeretsian has created a standard in the Armenian-Middle Eastern bakery industry for over half a century. The name Sasoun Bakery has become synonymous with delicious and freshly baked Armenian food. Over the years, David has grown from a young baker, who had to work to support his father and siblings, to a successful owner of several bakeries in Syria, Lebanon and the United States. In the last 27 years, Sasoun Bakery has burgeoned from a small location in the Little Armenia section of Hollywood to six locations all across Los Angeles County.

David’s passion for the natural and wholesome started at a very young age. David was born in Sasoun, Turkey. When he was two years old he lost his mother to illness and moved to Syria with his father. He had to start working at a young age to help his father financially. He worked on a farm driving a tractor harvesting wheat for flour. Shortly thereafter, he worked side by side with experienced bakers. Several years later, he decided to take his passion for baking into the next level and created his own organic recipes. That is when he opened up his first bakery in Syria. In a short time, he became the owner of three bakeries. Unfortunately, this dream was short lived due to the government control over the bakery industry in Syria. He left his bakeries behind and settled in Beirut, Lebanon where he had to start all over again. His passion for baking fueled a desire to build a name for himself again, this time on a grander scale. Within a few months, he opened his first Sasoun Bakery in Beirut and quickly became a huge success. Over the years, Sasoun Bakery came to be the most trusted bakery name in Lebanon, known for its tasty lahmajunes and unique Torpedo spicy cheese beoregs, a creation of David’s. In 1985, due to the unrest and unstable situation created by the ongoing civil war in Lebanon, David left his life and bakeries to his siblings and moved with his wife and four daughters to Los Angeles.

Having moved to a new country for the third time in his life, David had to rebuild his life and business all over again. Not knowing the language, city, or anything besides his recipes, he managed to open up his first Sasoun Bakery in East Hollywood at a location notorious for a succession of failed businesses. But that did not discourage him and within a few years, once again, he had dominated the market against all odds. He had found huge success. He opened his second location, followed by four more. Today, he owns six bakeries within the Los Angles County area.
(323) 661-1868
Varteni’s Cakes

I make Artistic 3d cakes and edible sculptures, my business in called Varteni’s Cakes, based in United Kingdom.


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