Knowledge Truck, Inc.

All proceeds from the sale of artworks and other items featured on this site will help benefit the Knowledge Truck project.

The Knowledge Truck project is an unprecedented public-awareness initiative that will celebrate the Armenian identity, by showcasing American-Armenian contributions to American civilization and humanity as a whole.
At the heart of the project is the Knowledge Truck, a modified van that will serve as a mobile information center dedicated to American-Armenian accomplishments. Beginning in April 2016, project initiator Stepan Partamian will travel in the Knowledge Truck throughout the 48 states of the Contiguous US, making stops at hundreds of popular venues in order to share information and make visual presentations about major American-Armenian contributions to the American experience.

As a subtext, the Knowledge Truck project will also celebrate the Genolive — instead of commemorating the Genocide, Turkey’s FAILED attempt to exterminate the Armenian people.

Mission Statement
To educate the public about Armenian contributions to humanity.

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